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Thai Legal System

Trial Procedures in Thailand
Trial procedures in Thailand are not the same again as say the British or American system. It is more of a mixture of the British system and a rather unique Thai system which is used. Note that this website does not dispense advice but attempts to give you a very broad overview of the legal system used in Thailand compared to a more Western legal system. Trials in Thailand can run for more than 5 years which is not uncommon and most attempt to settle matters early.
Court of Appeal Thailand
Bangkok has an Appeals Court however there are also 9 regional courts of Appeal. The appeal courts hear both criminal and civil matters. The Supreme court (Dika) is the one court in Thailand that is very interesting as it is the final court. That means that any matter that came from the court of appeals can end up before the Supreme Court on the basis that a law or even a fact is being called into question. Safe to say there is only one Supreme Court in Thailand and it is located in Bangkok.
Special courts have been established in Thailand for persons under the age of 20. This however has been further subdivided into age groups as we will explain further as to youth civil and criminal courts.
Thailand Legal System
The Thai court system is a bit different from those of the Westminster-type system. As Thai laws had not originated out of the British legal system it might in some parts resemble it but they are different. Thailand does not have a jury system as they have in the United States.