Court of Appeals and Supreme Court

Court of Appeal Thailand

Appeals Court and Supreme Court in Thailand The courts system in Thailand when it comes to Appeal courts or if it is a Supreme Court matter is rather interesting as it is waywardly different from any other legal system in the West. In order to hear an appeal there has to be three judges. Bangkok has an Appeals Court however there are also 9 regional courts of Appeal. The appeal courts hear both criminal and civil matters. The Supreme court (Dika) is the one court in Thailand that is very interesting as it is the final court. That means that any matter that came from the court of appeals can end up before the Supreme Court on the basis that a law or even a fact is being called into question. Safe to say there is only one Supreme Court in Thailand and it is located in Bangkok.

The Dika Court has about 60 to 70 justices, including the President (Chief Justice) and Vice Presidents. It operates with 17 divisions, each composed of three justices, the number necessary for a quorum. When hearing an exceptionally important case, the quorum is not less than half the number of judges sitting on the Court.

We have already listed special courts in Thailand, the appeals court however more needs to be explained with regards to expats and foreigners and trials. If you do find yourself on the wrong side of the law, always speak to a qualified lawyer who is able to assist you when needed. Contact our 24 hour telephone number on our main website for urgent assistance. If you are considering working in Thailand for a short while to understand the legal system then consider being an intern to the see the legal system first hand.

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