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Lawyers in Pattaya Thailand

Courts of Thailand

Thailand CourtsTrying to conduct your own trial in Thailand where all the proceedings are in Thai would be the same as a surgeon trying to remove his own appendix. Always seek professional legal advice and assistance – above all a firm or law firm who has the right of […]


Trial Procedures in Thailand

Trial Procedures in Thailand Trial procedures in Thailand are not the same again as say the British or American system. It is more of a mixture of the British system and a rather unique Thai system which is used. Note that this website does not dispense advice but attempts to give you a […]


Court of Appeals and Supreme Court

Appeals Court and Supreme Court in ThailandThe courts system in Thailand when it comes to Appeal courts or if it is a Supreme Court matter is rather interesting as it is waywardly different from any other legal system in the West. In order to hear an appeal there has to be three judges. Bangkok has a Court of Appeals […]


Special Courts in Thailand

Special Courts in ThailandSpecial courts have been established in Thailand for persons under the age of 20. This however has been further subdivided into age groups as we will explain further as to youth civil and criminal courts. Speak to a local lawyer in Thailand about being an intern […]


Thailand Court System

The Thai Court SystemThe Thai court system is a bit different to those on the Westminster type system. As Thai laws had not originated out of the British legal system it might in some parts resemble it but they are different. Thailand does not have a jury system like they […]